Episode 46 – The Sensational Summer Prelude!

Episode 46 - The Sensational Summer Prelude!

As we get ready for the summer season, we’re getting a better look as to who will be airing what, which should make for an interesting roundup for next month, but until then, we’ve got a few more loose ends to address before AX kicks off, including some neat info coming from the Annecy Festival, Promare coming to theaters stateside (AND getting a premiere event at AX), the unfortunate fall of Food Wars in spite of its fourth season getting confirmed, some interesting home video releases in September – including one LONG awaited one – and, of course, all the stuff from E3. Because that does revolve around our interests, you see.

And with any luck, we’ll all be able to avoid the Evangelion discourse on Friday.

Navigation Guide:
2:16 – E3 talk
33:03 – Promare coming to theaters in September from GKIDS
35:58 – Sound! Euphonium confirmed for… season 3? (or a movie?)
37:34 – Pluto and Patlabor EZY details (Annecy Festival)
41:08 – Masaaki Yuasa’s next film project announced: Inu-Oh (Annecy Festival)
43:09 – Anohana team’s next project revealed: Her Blue Sky
46:50 – Mamoru Hosoda films leaving FunimationNow streaming
48:25 – Aniplex releasing Cencoroll double-feature
49:40 – what’s happening with Dragon Ball Super on Toonami?
54:54 – Xebec now completely consolidated by Production I.G. and (partially) Sunrise
57:42 – Vinland Saga’s premiere schedule
59:43 – Food Wars season 4 confirmed for Fall (and a lengthy tangent about the manga)
1:07:39 – Somali and the Forest Spirit delayed to January
1:08:56 – new Mob Psycho 100 OVA details
1:09:46 – DanMachi II dubcast confirmed
1:10:53 – Katsuhiro Otomo coming to AX
1:12:44 – confirmed summer simulcasts (so far)
1:19:37 – Discotek 8/27 home video releases
1:22:18 – Sentai September home video releases
1:26:27 – Funimation September home video releases
1:39:18 – what’s happening with Netflix? (Anohana, Angel Beats, Knights of Sidonia)
1:44:21 – GitS:SAC_2045 first look at Annecy
1:45:37 – Ultraman renewed at Netflix
1:45:58 – Milan Records releasing Ultraman and Evangelion soundtracks
1:46:36 – Netflix and Joe & Anthony Russo producing a Magic: The Gathering… “anime”?

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