Episode 5 – Sony Brought the Bombshells! (Revenge of the News)

Episode 5 - Sony Brought the Bombshells! (Revenge of the News)

Our last episode didn’t have a lot of news. This episode has WAY too much news, yet we all got through it rather quickly. We’ve got box sets, upcoming projects, dub cast, and THE big news story that’s turning everyone crazy. And we spend some time talking about Rick & Morty as well as the super fun time that was the Crunchyroll marathon on Twitch.

(Yes, we forgot the big Netflix news, apologies. We’ll talk about that next time.)

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Clips and music from:
“Upstep” by Purple-Planet.com
Whose Line is it Anyway?
“Deliberation” by Purple-Planet.com
Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright
Rick & Morty
“Sy Borg” by Frank Zappa
“Everything You Know is Wrong” by Weird Al Yankovic

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