Episode 6 – The Otakon Binge!

Episode 6 - The Otakon Binge!

It’s a PACKED episode with no shortage of topics to discuss, from a long-overdue discussion regarding anime on Netflix, Attack on Titan: Lost Girl getting the manga pack-in DVD treatment, the return of Outlaw Star on Toonami after 15 years, and of course, everything from Otakon!

As a side note, this episode has the fastest turn-around so far, at under 12 hours. It was originally scheduled to be released at a later date, due to a later recording day, but since it’s ready to go on time, it’s up on time.

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Clips and music from:
“Upstep” by Purple-Planet.com
Whose Line is it Anyway?
Knights of the Zodiac – Cartoon Network Trailer
“I Ran” by Bowling For Soup
Toonami – Outlaw Star Teaser
“Starwind” by Joe Boyd Vigil
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
WWE Monday Night Raw
“Tsuki no Ie” by Arai Akino

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