Episode 50 – For Kyoto Animation (Season 5 Premiere)

Episode 50 - For Kyoto Animation (Season 5 Premiere)

While the start of a new season of shows is always a momentous occasion for this program, real world events find a way to ground everyone and take a much higher priority. On July 18, 2019, the main studio of Kyoto Animation in Japan was the target of a criminal and deadly act of arson, one that resulted in 34 injuries and 35 confirmed deaths, as of July 28, 2019. We can only offer our sincerest condolences to the victims of this horrific tragedy, and to their families and loved ones. If you would like to support the studio, a GoFundMe campaign set up by Sentai Filmworks has been ongoing, and has since raised over $2 million in proceeds to go toward assistance for the studio: https://www.gofundme.com/help-kyoani-heal

For us, though, we’ve got some business to get to for our 50th edition of the show, and we’re joined by our good friend Sketch to talk shop, including some updates for the live-action One Piece and Akira projects, some interesting home video releases coming in the fall, a really neat project coming from Kamikaze Douga founder Junpei Mizusaki and country musician Sturgill Simpson, and the main event of our show – the summer season preview, 30 shows with our first impressions to roam through the best of the season.

Note: the first 35 seconds are intended silence, in remembrance to those who perished in the Kyoto Animation fire.

8:00 – Duelist (and Sketch) at the Movies: Sound! Euphonium and DanMachi: Arrow of the Orion
26:34 – Lupin 3DCG movie coming in December
30:33 – live-action Akira update
33:47 – live-action One Piece update
38:16 – SOUND & FURY coming to Netflix in the fall
43:00 – Maiden Japan licenses Joshiraku
45:30 – another Phantasy Star Online 2 anime coming in October
48:23 – Tenchi Muyo OVA 5 coming soon
53:41 – Funimation now streaming Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou
55:41 – FLCL Progressive coming to DVD in October
1:00:36 – Discotek September 24th releases
1:03:25 – Funimation October releases
1:18:03-end: summer preview
1:19:37 – spring carry-over (Demon Slayer, Fruits Basket)
1:26:20 – other/unlicensed (TRY KNIGHTS has since been licensed by CR)
1:32:13 – Netflix (KotZ/SS)
1:40:49 – Amazon (Vinland Saga)
1:45:03 – HiDive (O Maidens, DanMachi II)
1:57:50 – Aniplex of America (Lord El-Melloi, Two-Hit)
2:04:39 – Funimation (Dumbbells, Astra Lost in Space, Fire Force*)
2:34:34 – Crunchyroll (Granbelm, given, To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, Dr. Stone)
*the delay was for one week, and Fire Force will be airing with alterations going forward – we will discuss this in greater detail next time

Additional audio from:
various OPs of the season
Carole & Tuesday
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Cop Craft
Dr. Stone

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