Episode 49 – The Earth-Shattering Expo! (Part 2 – Season 4 Finale)

Episode 49 - The Earth-Shattering Expo! (Part 2 - Season 4 Finale)

Anime Expo has come and gone, and in its wake came a good bit of announcements, projects, and even some hype-AF premieres as well. And for the third year in a row, we are here to do a deep dive in all of the momentous excitement, or lack thereof, that AX had to offer in Los Angeles. And we’re joined by our good friend Robert, who actually WAS at AX this year! (Isn’t he lucky…)

In the second half of our show – which was, quite frankly, too packed in with goodness to be contained in one episode – we round up the rest of the Anime Expo news explosions by finishing day 1 of the panels, which lead right into the following three days of events and panels, some incredibly dire dread, and even a little bit about that hype-AF premiere of Promare! (Again, isn’t Rob lucky…)

Stick around after the show for a bit of raw outtakes, with interruptions and technical glitches and even an interruption or two. And be sure to stick around later in the month for the start of season 5 of the show, with a deep dive at the summer anime season!

start – Yen Press addendum
0:51 – Aniplex of America
9:45 – Sentai Filmworks
16:09 – GKIDS
17:11 – Human Lost release details
18:30 – Warner Bros. Japan (JoJo)
23:50 – Gundam 40th Anniversary
27:31 – Harmony Gold (Macross)
32:19 – Seven Seas
37:13 – TRIGGER (Promare)
41:56 – HiDive 18+
43:14 – Rightstuf/Nozomi
48:55 – Crunchyroll
53:42 – Vertical/Kodansha
58:27 – +Ultra (Carole & Tuesday)
1:00:06 – Denpa Books
1:00:55 – Netflix (Cannon Busters, Seis Manos)

Additional audio from:
O Fortuna (and soundbites galore)

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