Episode 74 – The Return of the King!

Episode 74 - The Return of the King!

As many have said already, 2020 has been a wild year. “Unpredictable” is putting it lightly, and there have been plenty of surprises throughout to help keep our minds somewhat distracted from the continued tire fire that is the real world in the year 2020. Nevertheless, as we approach the halfway mark of the collective dumpster fire of a year, plenty of future developments have been laid out for when we all escape this year, such as a pair of big projects: The Promised Neverland going live-action and the return of SHAMAN KING.

Stay tuned for next time and the milestone 75th episode, complete with more developing announcements and the virtual convention roundup – it’s gonna be a hoot. Probably.

Intro – video games and real world preamble
6:00 – why can’t companies pay fair wages? (Grand Alliance)
14:10 – San Japan chairman resigns after getting caught saying racist remarks
18:47 – Chihayafuru creator among many in support of BLM movement
27:48 – how long does production take during the pandemic?
31:03 – how Netflix can actually work for some creators
36:02 – HBO Max update
39:49 – The God of High School confirmed for dub
41:33 – even more Aniplex shows now on FunimationNow
54:39 – Cinedigm launches CONtv Anime
1:00:20 – Discotek has Mon Colle Knights… with a catch
1:04:57 – Otakon and CRX going online
1:07:45 – Digimon and One Piece episodes returning this weekend
1:08:28 – 2.43 confirmed for noitaminA in January
1:11:48 – Re:ZERO S2 confirmed as split-cour
1:13:05 – Bungo Stray Dogs spinoff anime coming soon
1:14:47 – Tokyo Revengers anime coming 2021
1:17:00 – yet another round of delays and postponements
1:20:49 – Children of the Sea coming to theaters in August, home video in September
1:26:44 – GKIDS acquires On-Gaku: Our Sound film
1:28:32 – follow-up: B: The Beginning coming via Shout Factory
1:32:06 – home video roundup (Viz/GKIDS/Shout Factory)
1:36:12 – Sentai September home video slate (Moribito re-licensed)
1:44:51 – Funimation September home video slate (Demon Slayer missing?)
1:58:14 – Yashahime confirmed for Saturday 5:30pm YTV/NTV slot
2:00:03 – The Promised Neverland live-action series coming from Fox 21 and Amazon
2:06:32 – Eden’s Zero anime coming soon
2:12:18 – Shaman King anime reboot coming 2021

additional audio from:
Mother’s Basement
Mon Colle Knights/Fox Kids promo

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