Episode 75 – The Virtual Con-Goings! (Season 6 Finale)

Episode 75 - The Virtual Con-Goings! (Season 6 Finale)

Hard to believe that it’s been four months since the world, as we knew it, completely changed to a sudden standstill in the wake of… well, everything. Not that you’d notice it in some areas, but trust me, things are still pretty bad out there. It’s also lead to the shutdown and suspension of the anime convention circuit – that includes YOU, Anime Matsuri – but thanks to the power of the internet the shows are still able to go on… if only a bit smaller than usual. But that means you don’t have to worry about crowds this time around, which is always a net positive. So, for this landmark 75th episode of the show, we have a sizable amount of news topics to discuss, including the usual routine of streaming news, upcoming projects, some surprising series coming very soon, and the major announcements coming out of the virtual-slash-online Anime Expo Lite and FunimationCon events, which comes with the worst-kept secret of the summer: THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU.

Let’s just hope that the world won’t actually end with us losing our patience and minds in the wake of… again, everything.

4:55 – RIP Tatsufumi Itō
7:19 – Kyoto Animation memorial event happening July 18
8:59 – Crunchyroll now has PRECURE
16:10 – Cyberpunk: Edgerunners project coming in 2022
22:58 – GKIDS acquires Inu-Oh and Earwig and the Witch films
26:45 – Scott Pilgrim… the anime? (unconfirmed)
31:37 – a problem with the Ahiru no Sora anime?
38:53 – Ghibli movies now on Netflix (in Canada)
39:34 – Netflix July additions
41:13 – HBO Max July additions (maybe)
48:12 – six Anpanman films coming to Tubi in the fall
50:24 – a new Battle Athletes anime project coming soon
53:15 – Burning Kabaddi anime coming soon
55:15 – the latest IDOLM@STER anime project announced
57:13 – Osomatsu S3 confirmed for October (THIS October)
1:00:16 – a new Knights of Sidonia film announced for 2021
1:04:48 – Cells at Work theatrical project (preview) details
1:06:33 – films rescheduled for release in Japan
1:09:29 – Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro anime coming soon
1:12:49 – Dr. Stone S2 confirmed for winter
1:15:03 – Rightstuf selling a lifesize Rem figure for HOW MUCH???
1:23:17 – Ghost in the Shell 4K Blu-ray supposedly coming out in September
1:25:02 – more Funimation September home video releases
1:26:39 – Media Blasters September home video releases
1:31:19 – Discotek September home video reelases
1:34:31 – Seven Seas “No Panel, No Problem!” license announcements

1:45:33-2:20:24 – FunimationCon:
1:45:33 – Funimation
2:04:35 – Shonen Jump
2:07:11 – Rightstuf
2:08:29 – Aniplex of America

2:20:24-end – Anime Expo Lite:
2:20:24 – Viz Media
2:28:10 – Yen Press
2:37:02 – Denpa Books
2:38:07 – J-Novel Club
2:42:36 – Production I.G.
2:44:11 – Crunchyroll
2:48:19 – The World Ends With You -The Animation-

additional audio from:
Healin’ Good Pretty Cure OP
“We Like Sportz” – The Lonely Island
The Price is Right
Slayers OP
The World Ends With You trailer

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