Episode 8 – A Buffered Calm! (Thanks For Stopping the Rapture, Jaden Smith!)

Episode 8 - A Buffered Calm! (Thanks For Stopping the Rapture, Jaden Smith!)

We won’t lie to you, it’s been a bit of a slow news cycle, the past couple of weeks. But we’ve managed to find enough to talk about to bring you a new show, from Funimation’s December releases, to the first look at the new Legend of the Galactic Heroes, to even the weird enigmatic monstrosity that is Neo Yokio – stay tuned for more of that, as well. And we even kick off the show by talking about some things we’ve been watching – stay tuned after the end for a little bonus from that discussion.

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Clips and music from:
“Upstep” by Purple-Planet.com
Whose Line is it Anyway?
Mob Psycho 100
Neo Yokio – Netflix trailer
The Punisher – Netflix trailer
“Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo
The Simpsons

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