Episode 137 – The Cataclysmic Combo-Breaker! (Season X1 Premiere)

Episode 137 - The Cataclysmic Combo-Breaker! (Season X1 Premiere)

It has been one month since our last main episode, and while some things are changing around here some things will remain the same – namely, the “season” gimmick and the non-sequitur titles and pictures. Those aren’t ever going away. And to kick off this new run of shows, we have a discovery of a long-lost Saban pitch pilot, how a big summer show flew too close to the sun and has been punted to restart in fall, a curiously interesting deal between Netflix and NTV worth keeping an eye out on, and of course we had to recount the tale of the true ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny: REIGEN ARATAKA VERSUS SANS UNDERTALE.

Be ready for the fall season. It’s coming.

8:29 – Netflix and NTV anime distribution deal
16:49 – sidebar: Nintendo Direct, farm-sim edition
20:28 – a Koichi Sugiyama TV drama happened because why
24:14 – the lost “Saban Moon” pilot was finally found
35:53 – live-action Parasyte series announced for Netflix
37:32 – the frustrating saga of Uncle From Another World’s production issues
40:55 – sidebar: Bleach TYBW has a giant cast and is NOT on Disney+ (come on people)
45:10 – Paprika live-action series in development for Amazon
47:51 – Goodbye, Don Glees! dub cast
54:45 – Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime announced, details TBA
1:00:05 – KonoSuba! Megumin spin-off PV released, confirmed for 2023
1:01:16 – Undead Unluck anime announced for 2023
1:09:49 – new Mazinger project and GRIDMANxDYNAZENON coming 2023
1:12:07 – new Rose of Versailles film announced, details TBA
1:13:29 – various movies now on Crunchyroll
1:21:10 – select GKIDS movies now on Hulu and Shudder
1:22:44 – Gravity Rush film in development from PlayStation and Scott Free
1:23:34 – Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island film coming to theaters September 27/28
1:24:44 – One Piece Film Red coming to theaters November 4
1:28:44 – Berserk: Golden Age Arc TV recut announced for October
1:31:31 – The Ancient Magus’ Bride S2 announced for spring 2023
1:32:48 – Netflix September additions
1:37:37 – PANTHEON: an AMC+/HiDive original series
1:39:51 – Housing Complex C premieres on Toonami on October 1
1:41:37 – Batman movies on Toonami this weekend
1:43:23 – the REIGEN SWEEP comes to a bitter end
1:50:48 – upcoming Oct/Nov home video releases (Crunchyroll, Rightstuf, Sentai, Discotek)

additional audio from:
Wii Sports
The X-Files
“Saban Moon”
Undertale OST – “Respite”

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