Movie Night: PROMARE (Encore Edition)

Movie Night: PROMARE (Encore Edition)

NOTE: Originally released on September 24, 2019 as Episode 55 – PROMARE: The Burning Passion!

Merry Christmas and/or your holiday of choice from your friends at PodcastONA! As a fun bonus for the holiday, we’re going back to one of our favorite shows with our discussion of the 2019 TRIGGER film PROMARE, now with some new edits and added soundbites for our Movie Night subseries – enjoy this trip from the not-too-distant past and we’ll catch you all back here in 2022 for the new season and even more wild times to come!

start – bi-lighting and spoilers abound
4:49 – Act 1: Geometry Wars with firefighters and pigs
32:19 – Act 2: tears of a dragon
54:45 – Act 3: the ultimate Deus Ex Machina
1:17:10 – final thoughts

additional audio from:
This is Spinal Tap
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Boondocks

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