Episode 165 – The Year Jump Festa Went Crazy!

Episode 165 - The Year Jump Festa Went Crazy!

As 2023 comes to an end, you all may have varying feelings about the year as a whole. For some it was good, for others it was bad, and for the rest it was just very… meh. But we hope to leave the year for all of you on a better note, namely with about two and a half hours of anime discussion to listen to while you’re all doing things during your Christmas holiday. Namely, a good bit of wild announcements from Jump Festa across the board, some interesting bits from Netflix regarding what people were watching this year, some upcoming second and third and fourth seasons recently announced, and even a good bit of news for Macross fans – the Macross II Kickstarter is live, so go to it and prepare your wallets for that sweet goodness to come next year.

Thanks for listening throughout the year, and have a merry and happy whatever holiday you celebrate. We’ll see you in the new year.

intro – 2023 summed up: rings, plagiarism, bad vibes, and covid
11:43 – main stories
38:24 – announcements and updates
1:08:21 – Jump Festa 2023
2:16:58 – home video releases

11:43 – Delicious In Dungeon to air on Netflix weekly, simuldub
14:34 – Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation anime set for Netflix in January
18:00 – Macross II Kickstarter is live (and funded)
22:14 – The Boy and the Heron, Suzume get Golden Globes nominations
25:32 – a big Netflix data drop of anime numbers
33:20 – Rising Impact series (7DS author) announced for Netflix, coming 2024
38:24 – Dr. Stone season 4 announced, to be its final season
41:40 – Shy and MF Ghost second seasons announced
44:12 – That Time…Slime S3 announced for April
46:26 – Urusei Yatsura 2022 returns in January
48:27 – Great Pretender razbliuto coming to theaters in January… kind of
51:54 – Undead Unluck dub cast announced
58:04 – The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes coming to HiDive in January
58:36 – the next Code Geass project detailed
1:03:15 – The Eminence in Shadow gets a movie
1:04:50 – Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction movies set for March and April
1:06:34 – Godzilla Minus One to get black & white version in Japan in January
1:08:21 – Dandadan anime set for October 2024 from Science Saru
1:15:46 – ‘The One Piece’ announced from Wit Studio and Netflix
1:33:32 – Chainsaw Man: Reze Arc movie announced
1:40:38 – My Hero Academia season 7 and movie 4 set for spring and summer
1:49:58 – Blue Box teaser revealed
1:53:47 – The Elusive Samurai… not really previewed for 2024
1:56:13 – Oblivion Battery anime announced, set for April
1:59:14 – Red Cat Ramen anime announced
2:01:20 – Magiluiere Co. Ltd. anime announced
2:03:48 – more Prince of Tennis is coming
2:05:58 – Bleach TYBW continues in 2024
2:07:54 – Gintama spinoff anime announced
2:09:20 – Kaiju No. 8 to be simulcast on… Twitter?
2:16:58 – Anime Limited updates
2:18:48 – Paprika 4K steelbook coming in February
2:19:18 – Great Pretender limited edition Blu-ray set coming in March
2:20:53 – Viz March releases (Bleach, Boruto)
2:22:50 – Sentai March releases (Akiba Maid War, Urusei Yatsura)
2:25:32 – Crunchyroll March releases (One Piece, Suzume)
2:28:30 – Discotek January and February releases (Lovely Complex, Urusei Yatsura, Kurokami, Rainbow)

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