Episode 166 – The 2-For-1 Bonanza Blitz!

Episode 166 - The 2-For-1 Bonanza Blitz!

Welcome to 2024 and welcome to a new year of this stilly dog-and-pony show we do every so often. We’re back in a big way, basically putting together two whole shows in one, recounting the fall season and 2023 as a whole while looking forward to “award season” in one certain aspect and going through the latest pants-filling announcements from Discotek media – one such announcement was very “berserk” in a way, hint hint. And along the way, we’ve got news on the next show premiering on Toonami next month, how much money the Macross II Kickstarter raised, Monogatari making a comeback, and even a pair of pretty *ecchi* shows making their way down the pipeline. You heard that right.

To go along with this, there is also an update for the future scheduling of this show – going forward, there will be no set schedule for when the show will go up besides “it’ll be up when it’s up,” and that’s mostly due to our very varied and ever-evolving schedules conflicting with our fun passion hobby of talking anime amongst one another for a few hours every few weeks. So just keep a look out on your podcast platforms of choice (shoutout to Overcast, for one) and on the main site for this show for when new episodes will be up and available.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the show.

intro – happy(?) 2024, Duelist talks the Gurren Lagann movie
13:03 – List-Mania 2023
1:01:58 – this year’s Crunchyroll awards nominees
1:48:09 – main-ish stories
1:56:58 – announcements and updates
2:11:41 – Sentai April home video releases

13:03 – the best and worst of fall 2023
45:00 – Oricon manga and light novel charts for 2023
56:31 – Polygon’s top anime of 2023
58:36 – the ANN mega-poll results
1:01:58 – this year’s Crunchyroll awards nominees
1:48:20 – Ryu Nakayama defects from MAPPA, forms his own new studio
1:50:43 – Dorohedoro anime returning soon
1:51:56 – new Monogatari anime series announced
1:53:40 – The Boy and the Heron wins at the Golden Globes
1:55:18 – One Piece new episodes being simulcast on… Netflix?
1:56:58 – the Macross II Kickstarter finishes at nearly $405k
1:59:31 – Plus-Sized Elf anime announced
2:02:05 – Ninja Kamui premiering on Toonami in February
2:04:39 – some new Yen Press licenses
2:10:21 – Crunchyroll picks up an… infamous title (Manyū Scroll)
2:11:41 – Sentai April home video releases (Rozen Maiden, Otaku Elf)
2:14:37 – EL GRANDE DISCOTEK DAY 10 (Reborn, Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple, MOTHERF-ING BERSERK)

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