Episode 172 – The Grand Return!

Episode 172 - The Grand Return!

Well, then. After taking an unexpected month-long break from this show, we are FINALLY back and we are FINALLY whole again with Andrew back in the saddle to give all of the shenanigans that have been sorely missed in his absence. This includes running down the spring dub casts (finally) and reading some cringy light novel summaries, and it also includes talking about some pretty cool things like a Sakamoto Days project for Netflix getting leaked out, TOONAMI REWIND on Fridays, a positive tease for 86 from VIZ of all companies, a scintillating sell for the new Code Geass project, and the curious case of Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction going from movies to a TV series with zero notice – same with Crunchyroll picking it up and giving it a dub ALSO with zero notice. All the fun you’ve come to expect, and then some, back at it again for all of you to enjoy over this holiday weekend.

Link to Rachael Lillis’ GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-my-sister-rachael-with-medical-needs

intro – Andrew’s FINALLY back!
4:30 – main stories
37:50 – the long-belated spring dub cast rundown
1:00:19 – announcements and updates
2:04:34 – home video releases

4:30 – Rachael Lillis diagnosed with breast cancer, GoFundMe campaign launched for home care expenses
7:41 – Toonami Rewind block set for Fridays on Adult Swim, SAILOR MOON is back after 22 years
24:57 – did Netflix leak a Sakamoto Days project? (yes)
32:05 – GKIDS acquires Science SARU film The Colors Within for release
34:29 – Studio Ghibli awarded honorary Palme d’Or at Cannes
35:59 – Kinema Citrus announced two new projects at ACen
1:00:19 – this season’s Hulu/Disney+ dubs set for June
1:07:48 – Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction movies to get TV version… NOW… and on Crunchyroll (with a dub)
1:14:46 – The Darwin Incident anime adaptation announced
1:17:52 – how to sell the new Code Geass to the most jaded non-fan
1:21:43 – somehow, GoHands returned
1:23:47 – HIDIVE gets Plus-Sized Elf and I Parry Everything for the summer season
1:27:07 – BLUELOCK season 2 set for October
1:27:51 – Kakuriyo season 2 set for 2025, staff and studio TBA
1:28:52 – the Quintuplets are coming back for more
1:31:23 – Ace of Diamond Act II sequel season confirmed, TBD
1:31:58 – Hana-Kimi anime confirmed, coming soon
1:35:01 – Terminator Zero anime drops on Netflix in August
1:38:19 – upcoming Seven Seas and Yen Press titles
2:00:17 – Gundam in Call of Duty… WHY tho
2:04:34 – AnimEigo’s first “new old” release (Riding Bean)
2:05:13 – upcoming Viz releases (To Your Eternity, Boruto, 86)
2:07:57 – GKIDS/Shout Factory July releases (steelbooks, The Boy and the Heron 4K)
2:10:19 – new Anime Limited collector edition sets (Inuyasha, Rental Magica, Gundam Movie Trilogy 4K)
2:11:06 – Demon Slayer S3 Aniplex set out in June
2:11:51 – Crunchyroll August releases (MHA S6, Hell’s Paradise, Space Dandy, The Ancient Magus’ Bride S2)

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