Episode 0 – The Test Pilot (Xmas 2018 Bonus!)

Episode 0 - The Test Pilot (Xmas 2018 Bonus!)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all… enjoy this piece of audio production that was never really meant to be heard by the public. It’s the PodcastONA “test pilot,” aka “Episode 0” – and we’ll see you all back here in a few weeks for Season 4!

Behold! Our very first test pilot! We gather for the first time to see how well we mesh by taking about another no-go for the live action Akira, questioning if Fairy Tail will continue in animated form, and discussing what would happen if Funimation got bought out, before devolving into a discussion about Cartoon Network and Turner’s own weird synergy.

Your hosts for this show are Alex, Jet, Duelist, and Andrew. Enjoy the pilot!

(Recorded on 5/18/17)

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