Episode 146 – The Delightful Batch of Honey!

Episode 146 - The Delightful Batch of Honey!

You ever have one of THOSE kinds of weeks? Feels like it was one of those weeks for everyone this week, but with the Super Bowl imminent there’s no better way to get ready for it than to listen to 2 hours of anime talk – trust us, it’s way better than 7 hours of pregame coverage. And for this particular edition, we have a pretty hefty DISCOTEK DAY to go through, some choice words from an anime legend on some projects with his name attached to, a bit of an elephant in regards to a new Gundam dub, but all of that is insignificant to the return of the greatest anime series ever made: KING OF THE HILL. Yes, really. Financial necessity begets fandom nostalgia, after all.

intro – the great internet malfunction of Wednesday
10:27 – main stories
48:06 – announcements and updates

10:27 – the GOATED anime returns
15:28 – yet another Olympics fraud story update
19:28 – Media Blasters’ worst performing titles?
27:46 – TV piracy in 2022
39:06 – what did Shinichiro Watanabe really think of Netflix Bebop? (and The Animatrix)
45:37 – Netflix One Piece is set for this year
48:06 – GAMERA -Rebirth- series announced for Netflix
49:16 – the rest of Monster now on Netflix
51:39 – Heavenly Delusion set for Disney+ in spring
57:26 – Magical Girl Raising Project getting another anime
59:26 – Ei Aoki directing a racing anime
1:04:15 – recent Crunchyroll catalogue shadowdrops (Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution, Bartender)
1:08:52 – Crunchyroll dub episodes pushed back due to weather issues
1:11:00 – Gundam: The Witch From Mercury dub cast revealed

additional sources:
ANN 2007 roundtable – https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/convention/2007/state-of-the-anime-industry
Ghost Stories lost episode – https://lostmediawiki.com/Ghost_Stories_%22Am_I_Beautiful%3F_Kuchisake-onna%22_(partially_found_unaired_episode_of_anime_series;_2000)

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