Episode 63 – The CrunchySalt Awards 4: NOT GOOD

Episode 63 - The CrunchySalt Awards 4: NOT GOOD

Dear Crunchyroll,
We’re not mad at you. We’re just very, very disappointed in you and your recent behavior. On a night where you were set to give honor and praise to the best that the anime season had to offer in 2019, it left many an audience member feeling conflicted and, in some cases, dissatisfied. And in our case, it left us feeling rather annoyed, irritated, and left with little else to say other than “what were you thinking?” Our one hope is that you will listen to us and our special guest, Megan from Dub Talk, and you will understand our frustrations and our disappointment with your most recent presentation of the popularity contest that you label as an awards show.

We like you all, and we just want to see you be the best that you can be. But that awards show you put on? That is far from the best. And we know you all can do so much better. Here’s to hoping that you all will learn from this for next year.

5:09 – The Island of Giant Insects… Kickstarter?
19:19 – Listeners coming in spring
24:50 – The Quintessential Quintuplets S2 gets new director and animation studio
27:49 – Tokyo Godfathers dub cast
35:59 – Children of the Sea coming to theaters in April
38:19 – Funimation May home video releases

1:00:27-end – Crunchyroll Anime Awards discussion
1:12:40 – Character Design
1:15:03 – Animation
1:17:28 – Fight Scene
1:22:20 – Best Couple
1:27:54 – Girl
1:36:27 – Boy
1:42:40 – Opening Sequence
1:46:28 – Ending Sequence
1:51:35 – Japanese VA
1:54:49 – English VA
2:00:23 – Crunchyroll’s dub problem(s) rant
2:06:15 – Fantasy
2:07:51 – Comedy
2:12:26 – Drama
2:14:32 – Director
2:18:03 – Score
2:21:32 – rap interlude rant
2:26:47 – Protagonist
2:30:26 – Antagonist
2:35:06 – Industry Icon (w/ accompanying rant)
2:47:40 – Anime of the Year/closing thoughts

Additional audio from:
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Mob Psycho 100
Saturday Night Live
O Maidens in Your Savage Season
The Rising of the Shield Hero
Kaguya-sama: Love is War
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
The Promised Neverland
Vinland Saga
Attack on Titan
Carole & Tuesday

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