Episode 68 – The Springtime, uh… Take-Out Delivery?

Episode 68 - The Springtime, uh... Take-Out Delivery?

In Memoriam:
Keiji Fujiwara

You don’t need us to tell you that this spring anime season is a little bit stranger than others. As we continue to roam through a new world of isolation in the prolonged wait for the “all clear,” nothing is for certain and everything is incredibly fluid. This also applies to the spring season, with shows being postponed at any moment; it’s very possible that more shows will be announced to be postponed after this episode has been released. As it stands, though, we do have our seasonal rundown show to present to all of you, with our first impressions of the big hitters, Daisuke Kanbe’s incredible *cock*iness, and the not-so-great blobs filling out the daily schedule, along with an assortment of news items that includes a long-awaited returning series, an old friend coming back to Adult Swim by way of Toonami, and even a long-lost (and VERY much NSFW) piece of audio that has finally come to the surface after over 20 years of hiding.

And we’re very pleased to have our good friend Sketch back to join us in listening to that amazingly realistic piece of audio, as well.

8:34 – the continuing “CV” situation: cancellations and postponements (11:21, 12:31, 15:55, 20:27, 21:33)
24:50 – Sony acquires minority stake in Bilibili
27:38 – Twitch Watch Parties are certainly a thing
30:26 – Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl on FunimationNow this weekend (4/17-20)
34:13 – Paranoia Agent coming to Toonami starting 4/25
41:37 – Tiger & Bunny second season (FINALLY) coming 2022
45:31 – How Not to Summon a Demon Lord second season coming 2021
48:04 – Cells at Work: Code Black anime project coming January
53:43 – ARIA 15th anniversary film coming winter
55:35 – Magical Doremi 20th anniversary film pushed to fall
57:33 – WrestleMania was… weird, yo
59:56 – the long-lost “Evangelion” AIDS PSA is found
1:04:01 – additional postponements: Evangelion 3.0+1.0, Appare-Ranman, Food Wars S5
1:05:55 – LATE BREAKING: SDCC and Anime Expo are cancelled
1:06:18 – Aniplex and Discotek June 30 home video releases
1:09:36 – Funimation July home video releases

1:18:08-end – spring season rundown
1:19:48 – winter leftovers, unlicensed/TBA shows
1:27:20 – HiDive
1:31:56 – Netflix
1:37:33 – Crunchyroll
2:16:46 – Funimation

Additional audio from:
Crayon Shin-chan
The X-Files
Married… With Children
Saturday Night Live
Hi Score Girl
Ascendance of a Bookworm
Sing “Yesterday” For Me
Tower of God
Kaguya-sama: Love is War?
The Millionaire Detective – Balance: Unlimited
Shironeko Project ZERO CHRONICLE
Fruits Basket

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