Episode 156 – The Comic-Sized Revelations!

Episode 156 - The Comic-Sized Revelations!

So who could have guessed that an actor strike would mean San Diego Comic-Con would end up being more like the SDCCs of old? With that, so too comes quite a bit of announcements, namely from the likes of Adult Swim and Crunchyroll as it relates to this program. We also take a brief look back at the spring season now that it’s been over for a month, show our surprising optimism for the Netflix One Piece series with its new trailer, go through quite a bit of Dengeki Bunko event announcements, and try to make sense of a certain interview from a certain studio head on this edition of the show. All with our good friend Sketch filling in on very short notice, too.

We’ll be back next week to talk Otakon. Namely with one certain company’s panel. You all know what it is.

intro – good movies and good friends
7:44 – PSA: SAG-AFTRA is on strike
19:26 – the best and worst of spring 2023
44:58 – main stories
1:30:06 – announcements and updates
2:07:41 – home video releases

44:58 – about that MAPPA CEO interview…
55:22 – Adult Swim/Toonami announcements @ SDCC
1:15:33 – Slam Dunk 1993 up on Toei’s YouTube channel
1:16:57 – Crunchyroll announces a… One Punch Man mobile/PC game
1:20:26 – James Cameron kinda announces Alita: Battle Angel sequels are in development
1:22:10 – Netflix One Piece gets a new trailer… and it’s GOOD?
1:25:35 – One Piece anime getting EDs again after 17 years
1:28:30 – GKIDS has Miyazaki’s final final film ‘The Boy and the Heron’
1:29:33 – heads-up: a Dengeki bunko event happened
1:30:06 – Pokémon: To Be a Pokémon Master coming to Netflix on September 8
1:31:06 – Pokémon Horizons dub cast revealed
1:33:52 – the good SAO (Gun Gale Online) is back
1:35:05 – Sentenced to Be a Hero announced
1:35:59 – Sabikui Bisco season 2 announced
1:36:48 – Your Forma announced
1:37:59 – Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote announced
1:38:36 – Heat the Pig Liver… is a thing
1:41:12 – Cherry Magic announced
1:42:05 – more Mahouka is coming because we are cursed
1:43:28 – Sasaki and Peeps announced
1:45:03 – Ishura starts in January
1:47:06 – Tsukimichi season 2 coming in January
1:49:04 – PHOENIX is doing some weird things
1:50:29 – NieR:Automata is getting more episodes… soon-ish maybe
1:52:28 – new City Hunter film coming to theaters in 2024
1:53:24 – Sand Land to be released stateside in 2024
1:55:33 – Crunchyroll got the “rest” of Psycho-Pass
1:58:43 – Crunchyroll license announcements at Japan Expo (Frieren and more)
2:02:42 – Crunchyroll announcements at SDCC (One Piece movies, Shy)
2:07:41 – Viz home video releases (Shippuden, Yashahime)
2:09:48 – Crunchyroll October releases… all TWO of them
2:14:14 – Sentai October releases

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