Episode 20 – Monkey Paws and News Dumps!

Episode 20 - Monkey Paws and News Dumps!

And we’re back to our normal schedule with this show! Yeah, it’s been a weird month, hasn’t it? Well, to wrap up April, we’ve got quite a bit of news highlights to get to, everything from product slates to confirmed projects (and some not-so-confirmed), and two-thirds of a band getting back together (in a way)!

Additional audio from:
Tenchi Muyo! (OVA OP)
Bananas in Pajamas (don’t ask)

3:55 – RIP Isao Takahata
5:17 – Cowboy Bebop 20th anniversary Blu-ray project teased
14:21 – Fairy Tail series 3 set for fall
15:35 – Attack on Titan series 3 set for July 22 with 24 episodes
17:16 – Funimation working on Nintendo Switch app for FuniNow (C2E2)
18:10 – Funimation acquires Ai Tenchi Muyo (C2E2), dub cast revealed
20:47 – Seven Seas acquires True Tenchi Muyo LN series
21:19 – Funi July slate
31:26 – Sentai August slate
36:40 – Discotek Day!
43:08 – Viz announces JoJo Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders) Blu-ray
44:56 – Nozomi/Rightstuf Anime Detour announcements:
47:31 – new Gundam projects announced
50:48 – Gunsmith Cats Kickstarter total and B.B. anime project announcement details
53:23 – Mill Creek announces some “interesting” anime releases
55:53 – My Hero Academia premieres on Toonami this Saturday night
57:32 – Rokka dub confirmed! (in the UK)
59:40 – Shirobako original film announced
1:00:44 – Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel I dub coming to theaters
1:02:19 – The Promised Neverland anime confirmed…?

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