Episode 69 – The Virtual Train to Infinity!

Episode 69 - The Virtual Train to Infinity!

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh like a middle-school kid at the episode number. Done? Good, now onto business. It’s an doubly-packed show for such a milestone number, talking the latest and final preparations for the Streaming Wars kicking off later in May, the latest on what’s happening with the convention circuit, a triple shot of Demon Slayer discussion, and a good amount of dub casts to talk about – mostly courtesy of the Dub Talk duo of the group. And, of course, we have an extensive rundown on the industry panels from last weekend’s Anime Lockdown virtual con, with both Rightstuf and Discotek laying out some pretty great projects coming down the pipeline very soon.

One had more than the other, but we don’t judge. Not when one has indestructible boxes to package everything in.

Stay tuned after the main show is over for some fun bonuses, along with a prelude of what’s to come next time – something that might just “change the world.”

3:15 – the latest on what’s postponed and what’s complete for the season
19:08 – Otakon 2020 cancelled
20:54 – virtual conventions as an alternative, FunimationCon announced for July 3-4
28:12 – Evangelion films (were) available on YouTube and on 4K TV, preliminary NHK Evangelion poll results
36:27 – Sailor Moon on YouTube in Japan
37:25 – WAVE!! three-part anime film project announced
40:09 – Twin Engine establishes EOTA animation production collective
42:53 – Sgt. Frog back on FunimationNow, Drifters gone
47:21 – Funimation offering movies in VR headset “theaters”
50:11 – NIS America titles available on FunimationNow
55:35 – Mob Psycho 100 back in the Toonami lineup, MHA four mornings a week at 5:30am (for now at least)
1:00:00 – Crunchyroll dubs and dub production returning
1:03:23 – Tower of God dub cast
1:11:02 – Dub Talk Presents: the Run With the Wind dub cast
1:23:23 – One-Punch Man live-action film greenlit at Sony
1:29:16 – Future Avengers S2 coming to Disney+ on May 22
1:30:13 – HBO Max set to launch on May 27
1:32:42 – Dorohedoro coming to Netflix on May 28, dub cast revealed
1:36:53 – Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 second season confirmed
1:37:43 – A Whisker Away film (Studio Colorido/Junichi Sato, Mari Okada) coming to Netflix in June
1:40:05 – live-action Cowboy Bebop series update
1:43:11 – Pokémon Journeys coming to Netflix in June
1:46:41 – Iwa-Kakeru! -Climbing Girls- rock-climbing anime announced
1:48:58 – a long-awaited Yuri on Ice movie update
1:50:52 – Korean mobile RPG plagirizes Demon Slayer, gets shut down after 5 days
1:54:24 – Demon Slayer: Mugen Train film coming to Japan theaters in October
1:57:44 – Demon Slayer coming to Blu-ray later in 2020 from Aniplex AND Funimation
2:05:07 – Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution – Kizuna coming to Blu-ray TBA, previously July
2:06:45 – Eiken coming to Blu-ray in July because God has abandoned us
2:08:56 – Sentai July home video slate
2:14:01 – Rightstuf Anime Lockdown panel announcements (Galaxy Angel AA+S, Gundam NT)
2:18:51 – Discotek Anime Lockdown panel announcements (Memories, Detective Conan Episode “One,” s-CRY-ed)

Additional audio from:
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Galaxy Express 999
The X-Files
“Star Fleet” – Brian May & Friends
The Office

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