Episode 95 – The (Belated) Master Discovery!

Episode 95 - The (Belated) Master Discovery!

Apologies for this show being about a week late, as we had some issues out of our control that prevented us from meeting up to do our show on schedule. Thanks a lot for everything, Kabletown, we hope you’re enjoying giving WWE those $200 million checks for the next five years. But gripes aside, we’ve got a good bit of stuff to talk about, even if the overall mood is a bit more… subdued, as it’s a three-man affair for this and the next show. We’ve got an interesting new project from MAPPA coming soon, some confirmed dates for some Netflix projects and some lament from the *weebs* (in bold/italics), a potential reason to double (or triple) dip on Your Name from the UK, the return of a long-time fan favorite series coming soon, and a Discotek Day panel stream that had a GIANT discovery that may very well alter the course of human history going forward.

Okay, maybe not THAT big, but you don’t often find a film master of Project A-Ko every day.

start – intro
4:28 – Attack on Titan S4 episode 14 preempted due to Wakayama earthquake
6:30 – RE-MAIN sports anime project announced (MAPPA/Masafumi Nishida)
10:07 – MADOX-01 AnimEigo Kickstarter project previewed
12:49 – RetroCrush live streaming channel now on Vizio SmartCast TVs
15:57 – more Toei content now on Tubi TV
17:54 – Yasuke coming to Netflix on April 29
21:41 – so, about The Way of the Househusband…
23:56 – the new Shaman King apparently confirmed for Netflix
27:40 – The Terminator: the anime?
30:54 – Amazon reportedly orders live-action Hellsing project
34:26 – Denpa Books acquires March comes in like a lion manga
35:23 – MEGALOBOX 2: Nomad confirmed only for Funimation
37:36 – The Legend of Heroes anime coming 2022; Funimation co-pro
39:11 – Rent-a-Girlfriend S2 coming 2022
40:30 – The Rising of the Shield Hero S2 coming October
42:13 – Date A Live S4 coming October; new studio and staff
44:12 – new Akuma-kun anime project coming soon
46:08 – GeGeGe no Kitaro film coming soon
48:21 – Sabicui Bisco anime coming soon
50:08 – The Ancient Magus’ Bride OADs coming this year, US release unconfirmed
51:57 – The Misfit at Demon King Academy S2 coming soon
52:49 – The Devil is a Part-Timer! S2 finally confirmed and coming soon
53:49 – Anime Limited releases-of-note: Violet Evergarden, Planetes, Your Name 4K
58:34 – Anime Expo going online again for 2021
59:55 – “Super Discotek Day” panel stream announcements (Dear Brother, Memories, Project A-Ko, Sgt. Frog)

additional audio from:
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
Minami Kuribayashi – “ZERO!!”
To Live & Die in L.A. – “Every Night”
Ben Minotte – “Pavanned”
Sgt. Frog

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