Episode 98 – The Intergalactic White Whale!

Episode 98 - The Intergalactic White Whale!

Oh, you know, no big deals to talk about with this show, nothing super monumental to discuss, nothing like that. Except freaking MACROSS. That might just be a tad bit substantial. And in our last rundown show before discussion the spring season, we have plenty to get into, be it hilarious gacha game incompetence, reasons why you should spend $10 to have the Dub Talk crew do an episode on Vampire Knight, why Kazuki Akane deserves to have Stars Align be completed, and how we all found out that Dragon Quest is getting an English dub through the weirdest way possible. And let us all pour one out for the glory and weirdness that was Manga UK, now rebranded as Funimation UK via big business consolidation – we’ll always have those jank dubs and bargain bin OVAs to look back on as… times. Not good times, or even bad times, just… times.

Intro – a late start and why you should avoid Sacramento
15:38 – the first new Macross release coming out in the summer?
20:44 – The Journey film and its troubled executive production (Manga Productions)
31:25 – Crunchyroll and WWE partnering for an anime project (yes really)
37:21 – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai dub confirmed… kind of
44:24 – Anime Limited gets a BIG hire: Miles Thomas
48:14 – AIC signs a deal to keep the lights on
50:53 – the hilarious saga of the WAVE!! gacha game’s 72-hour life
57:28 – My Hero Academia mobile RPG launching later in spring
1:03:31 – Restaurant to Another World S2 announced
1:04:49 – Toonami updates for May
1:13:08 – new additions to Tubi
1:15:45 – NANA going up weekly on HIDIVE
1:16:56 – Sentai acquires My Little Monster (digital only)
1:18:55 – more Viz series now on FunimationNow
1:28:00 – Dub Talk Patreon plug – $10 for a Vampire Knight episode
1:30:46 – HxH: Phantom Rouge and the Naruto Shippuden movies now on FunimationNow
1:33:50 – more NIS America shows now on FunimationNow
1:38:38 – several titles now gone from Crunchyroll
1:40:53 – Penguindrum crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal in THREE MINUTES
1:42:58 – someone please let Kazuki Akane finish Stars Align
1:46:29 – Build Divide card game anime project coming this fall (LIDENFILMS/Aniplex/Yuhodo)
1:49:37 – Kuroko’s Basketball S2 dropping May 15 on Netflix
1:50:45 – Godzilla: Singular Point launching on Netflix worldwide in June
1:51:47 – Castlevania S4 (final season) dropping May 13 on Netflix
1:54:02 – Gundam live-action film finds its director, set for Netflix
1:56:12 – DAKAICHI Spain arc movie coming soon
1:58:43 – The Quintessential Quintuplets movie coming 2022
2:02:05 – GKIDS films headed to theaters throughout the summer
2:04:04 – Jujutsu Kaisen OST now available digitally, CD and vinyl coming later in 2021
2:05:00 – FF7: Advent Children 4K available in June
2:06:08 – Bleach Blu-ray set 11 available in June
2:09:45 – Funimation July home video slate (Listeners, Arte, Uzaki-chan)
2:23:28 – Manga UK: 1991-2021, now rebranded as Funimation UK

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