Episode 107 – The Coincidental Dub Conundrum! (Season 9 Premiere)

Episode 107 - The Coincidental Dub Conundrum! (Season 9 Premiere)

After four years, 100-plus episodes, some gags that have gone away, and plenty of hot-button discussions, we’re still just getting started with this dog-and-pony show of ours. Welcome to season 9 of the mothership, where we have reconvened and walked into one heck of a confusing situation regarding Vinland Saga – there are TWO dubs for it. Weird, right? And that’s just one discussion we have in store here, as we are also going to ask the most important question regarding Wonder Egg Priority and its polarizing finale (being WHAT THE F HAPPENED???), a look at two upcoming Toonami originals before their premieres, GKIDS acquiring another major holy grail license, and a brief chat about a certain Taco Bell commercial making the rounds. You know the one.

Stay tuned for the next show, as well, as we’ll be giving an overdue roast with a few more folks joining us, as well as taking our look at the summer anime season and all of the averageness that it will contain. And also Jahy. Jahy is good.

intro – we’re back!
6:09 – RIP Kayaharuka (Demon King Academy manga artist)
9:00 – Wonder Egg Priority: WHA HAPPUN?
22:22 – yes, anime IS mainstream again (Taco Bell and NBC/Olympics)
27:45 – ONA at the Movies: Josie, the Tiger, and the Fish
35:08 – ONA at the Movies: The Stranger by the Shore
41:47 – Dragonball Super: Super Hero film announced for 2022
47:56 – Your Name live-action film loses its second director
50:33 – Gintama: The VERY FINAL film heads to US theaters in November
53:48 – Belle (Mamoru Hosoda) coming to theaters in 2022 from GKIDS
55:35 – GKIDS acquires Future Boy Conan, coming later in 2021
57:41 – upcoming Viz Media manga and book titles
1:06:38 – Toonami schedule updates for August
1:10:35 – Fena: Pirate Princess dub cast
1:17:21 – Blade Runner: Black Lotus set for fall, voice cast revealed
1:25:22 – Yen Press audiobooks get their narrators
1:26:42 – Platinum End coming to Crunchyroll in October
1:29:22 – Crunchyroll summer season dub(s)
1:31:27 – the confusing Vinland Saga dub situation
1:42:44 – BEASTARS anime continuing
1:46:53 – KonoSuba anime getting a new project… sometime… from some studio…
1:48:46 – Demon Slayer S2 still confirmed for “2021”
1:52:21 – Spriggan and Shield Hero S2 pushed to 2022
1:55:55 – Re:Cycle of Penguindrum confirmed as two-part compilation film
1:58:01 – Super Robot Wars finally coming stateside in October (on Steam)
2:01:21 – Netflix August drops
2:06:08 – Ishida and Asakura now on DVD and Prime Video
2:09:37 – Viz and Discotek September home video releases
2:17:34 – Sentai October home video releases
2:22:38 – Funimation October home video releases

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