Episode 110 – The Explosive Week of Everything!

Episode 110 - The Explosive Week of Everything!

Welp. It certainly was a busy week, last week. Everything seemed to happen within the span of seven days, from Evangelion hitting Amazon, Stone Ocean confirmed to be for Netflix in December, the Crunchyroll sale being closed and finalized, Discotek at Otakon, a LOT went down in a very small amount of time. And we’re here (and Sketch, too, he’s back) to run down all of the insane developments in the industry, the drops that have left us scratching our heads, and the surprises that have us rather giddy in anticipation for what’s to come. It’s an extra-packed show, so get comfortable and enjoy the wild ride.

And just remember, all the world’s a stage. Usually a soundstage.

cold open – the deal is finalized
8:32 – intro
10:44 – WELP. (Sony closes the Crunchyroll acquisition)
33:09 – Anime NYC and Anime Weekend Atlanta enforcing mask and vaccination policies
41:30 – how the live-action Akira project lead to Taika Waititi’s cameo in The Suicide Squad
48:36 – live-action My Hero Academia project finds its director
53:42 – the 25-year curse of Evangelion’s dub production
1:10:33 – Jason DeMarco got a promotion
1:13:04 – summer season, continued: Fena and Shaman King 2021
1:27:33 – Stone Ocean is Netflix-bound in December
1:41:27 – Digimon Ghost Story anime coming in the fall, 02 movie sequel in development
1:44:54 – Detective Conan spinoff anime coming soon
1:47:07 – Shingo Natsume’s next project announced
1:48:58 – Blue Lock soccer manga getting anime in 2022
1:51:20 – Fuuto PI to be produced at Studio KAI, coming summer 2022
1:53:18 – Crunchyroll announces Dark Star Squadron project from Zoe Saldana
1:58:02 – Funimation iOS app now supports spatial audio
1:59:39 – Knights of Sidonia now with Funimation, movie coming to theaters September 13
2:03:34 – a lot of The Prince of Tennis hits FunimationNow
2:08:44 – a whole lot of Lupin is available on Pluto TV
2:11:37 – Shaman King en Español is available on Tubi
2:12:20 – Seven Seas hits the Chinese BL trifecta
2:14:21 – Kadokawa beginning in-house simulpub initiative
2:19:23 – Crunchyroll announcements from VCRX
2:34:23 – Shirobako: The Movie coming to Blu-ray in October
2:37:05 – Anime Limited releases for 27 September (Inuyasha, Penguindrum)
2:39:34 – Viz October home video releases (Castlevania, Vampire Knight)
2:41:21 – Nozomi/Rightstuf Oct/Nov home video releases (Tylor, SEED Destiny)
2:46:19 – Funimation November home video releases (Fire Force, Akudama Drive)
2:59:28 – Discotek October 26 home video releases (Lupin Part V, Shaman King)
3:02:26 – EL GRANDE DISCOTEK DAY III (Ronin Warriors, Project A-ko, Cutey Honey tokusatsu, Gunbuster OVA)

additional audio from:
Shin Evangelion/Evangelion 3.0+1.01
Project A-ko
Cutey Honey: The Live
Clerks II
Limp Bizkit – “My Way”
JUNNA – “Umi to Shinjuu”
Megumi Hayashibara – “Soul salvation”
To Live & Die in LA – “Every Night”
Noriko Hidaka – “Top o Nerae! -FLY HIGH-“

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