Episode 119 – A Third New York Minute!

Episode 119 - A Third New York Minute!

As the year draws closer to a close, so does this year’s convention season, capping off with Anime NYC to… interesting results, in some regards. Fun was had, enjoyment was shared, and panels brought with them plenty of fan experiences and announcements, and we’re here to recap the happenings and goings-on – plus plenty of upcoming home video talk, a look at the 2021 Oricon sales rankings, Seven Seas brokering a big deal for a popular manga series with another company, and plenty more in this jampacked show!

And do you hear that in the distance? It’s the sound of Discotek Day approaching. Prepare yourselves.

NOTE: This show was recorded before the news of an Anime NYC attendee testing positive for the COVID-19 omicron variant had broken. If you attended Anime NYC and are feeling unwell, you are advised by New York Governor Kathy Hochul to get tested for COVID-19. Please remember to follow municipal/state/federal guidelines for indoor venues.

intro – pouring one out for JoJo Fridays
5:29 – Oricon 2021 light novel sales rankings
14:28 – Oricon 2021 manga sales rankings
28:07 – Arcane renewed for a second season for Netflix
31:49 – Seven Seas licenses Go For It Again, Nakamura! manga
33:22 – Seven Seas publishing Tokyo Revengers manga
39:46 – upcoming shows announced for 2022 (and TBA)
48:29 – Stand By Me Doraemon movies coming to Netflix on Christmas Eve
50:20 – HiDive acquires Hareluya II Boy series and Lupin III series backlog
54:09 – classic Tenchi gone from FunimationNow?
55:25 – more Gonzo titles available on FunimationNow
1:00:15 – Evangelion ultimate edition delayed to Janaury 2022
1:02:01 – Gintama THE VERY FINAL Blu-ray coming in February
1:04:26 – Viz Jan/Feb releases (Tower of God, Yashahime)
1:07:08 – Sentai February releases (Nana, Onyx Equinox)
1:12:54 – Funimation February releases (Josee, Sleepy Princess, AoT S4)
1:25:13 – upcoming Anime Limited releases
Anime NYC:
1:36:40 – Andrew and Jet’s Anime NYC experience
1:55:41 – Kodansha panel announcements
2:07:39 – Azuki panel announcements
2:09:33 – Comikey panel announcements
2:18:56 – Denpa Books panel announcements
2:23:29 – Yen Press panel announcements
2:33:51 – J-Novel Club panel announcements
2:45:17 – Crunchyroll panel announcements
2:55:16 – One Piece Film RED revealed for 2022

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