Movie Night: MHA World Heroes Mission

Movie Night: MHA World Heroes Mission

As a special holiday weekend treat, this is the first installment of PodcastONA Movie Night, a new side-series for this program just for and all about movies, and for this inaugural pilot (of sorts) we are talking about the latest feature film with everyone’s favorite teenage superheroes – My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission!

Yes, there will be spoilers abound. Make sure you’ve seen the movie before listening in full.

intro – pre-movie ramblings
5:02 – our viewing experiences
11:18 – how the movie ties with MHA S5
17:37 – Act 1: teenage heroes against bioterrorism
43:55 – Act 2: Deku and Rody’s road trip
1:03:19 – Act 3: the OP godmod MFer battle
1:22:46 – final thoughts

additional audio from:
Siskel & Ebert
My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission

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