Episode 32 – Smashing Hollywood Chicanery!

Episode 32 - Smashing Hollywood Chicanery!

Well, our friends in Hollywood are back at it again, as on this more normal-length edition of the show, we tackle a pair of upcoming (maybe in this lifetime but no confirmation yet) Hollywood live-action anime film adaptations, the news of Goku getting a giant float being paraded down 34th Street on Thanksgiving morning, a good bit of home video releases and news to catch up on, and our good friend the SIDEBAR returns for a few appearances – it’s a fun show.

Also, going forward, new episodes will be posted twice a month on Tuesday evenings – no big earth-shattering reason, it’s just easier for me (the producer) to work with on my schedule.

1:55 – preamble: The Promised Neverland talk
13:00 – RIP Kouji Tsujitani
14:53 – Hollywood Strikes Again: My Hero Academia and Attack On Titan live-action films greenlit
30:09 – Tangent: One Piece live-action series spitballing
33:46 – Masaaki Yuasa’s next film project announced
35:48 – Pierrot/Netflix project Hero Mask announced
41:28 – sidebar: Smash Direct talk
44:24 – Goku at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
47:01 – Kemono Friends 2 set for January
49:22 – Mob Psycho 100: series 2 PV released and series 1 now on Toonami – with a CR/Adult Swim deal?
57:16 – Funimation January 2019 releases
1:08:33 – Discotek December releases
1:10:05 – Space Runaway Ideon SD-BD cancelled, HD release TBA
1:10:40 – HiDive now migrating onto VRV
1:12:30 – sidebar: Boomerang coming to VRV
1:15:43 – Love Stage dub confirmed, coming TBA
1:20:33 – Maquia home video releases unveiled
1:23:47 – sidebar: Duelist’s MoviePass woes
1:25:55 – Viz bringing JoJo to Twitch every Friday
1:29:05 – PlayStation Classic full game list revealed

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