Episode 33 – A New York Minute!

Episode 33 - A New York Minute!

Well, with the 2018 convention season firmly wrapped up with a nice bow, we head into this episode with quite a big convention recap courtesy of Jet and Andy! Enjoy their tales of New York City adventuring, various announcements from the big panels, and even some thoughts on a rather big premiere – and that’s just half the episode! It’s a packed show with plenty to catch up on, including some upcoming Netflix projects (no, not THOSE ones, we’ll talk about those next time), the latest Gundam projects coming down the pipeline, and what’s this about a Dr. Stone anime getting announced? And we also press F for Xebec, as they’re prepping to shift their duties over. All of this is in store, and then some, in this jam-packed episode!

Start-1:08:12 – Jet & Andy’s AnimeNYC Adventure
8:44 – Aniplex of America announcements
26:51 – Amazon/noitaminA deal OVER???
31:57 – Sentai Filmworks announcements
43:21 – Mob Psycho 100 season 2 panel
48:03 – Viz Media announcements
56:38 – Crunchyroll/VRV panel thoughts
1:00:05 – Kase-san and Morning Glories premiere thoughts
1:03:12 – Tsurune and Release the Spyce DubCasts confirmed
1:08:25 – new Fruits Basket anime project announced
1:16:58 – Xebec shifting operations to Sunrise
1:20:49 – DBZ movies FINALLY on FunimationNow
1:25:05 – Funimation February home video slate
1:31:03 – Sentai February home video slate
1:33:53 – Devil May Cry project coming from Castlevania (Netflix) producers
1:37:31 – new Netflix animated projects announced 2019
1:48:43 – Gundam 40th anniversary projects announced
1:53:25 – new info for Sarazanmai revealed
1:56:23 – Dr. Stone anime coming summer 2019

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